Dr. Karen Siu-Ting

Name:   Dr. Karen Siu-Ting

ORCID:  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3698-1755


KSiuTingKaren is an Irish Research Council – Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow working in conjunction with Dr Mary O’Connell’s group in Leeds University and Dr Chris Creevey’s group at the University of Aberystwyth. Her PhD studies were on phylogenetics, algorithm design and comparative genomics at NUIM, Ireland. Before that she completed her MSc in Peru studying speciation of cryptic frog species of the Peruvian Amazon. Her postdoctoral project focuses on the genomic underpinnings behind Poison Frogs’ unique toxin producing abilities at the molecular level using transcriptomic, genomic and metagenomic data analytics. Karen’s work combines field work, molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics skills.


Selected Publications:

Bittencourt-Silva, G.B.; Conradie, W.; Siu-Ting, K.; Tolley, K.A.; Channing, A.; Cunningham, M.; Farooq, H.M.; Menegon, M.; Loader, S.P. 2016. The phylogenetic position and diversity of the enigmatic mongrel frog Nothophryne Poynton, 1963 (Amphibia, Anura). Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 99: 89-102.

Akanni, A.; Siu-Ting, K.; Creevey, C.; McInerney, J.; Wilkinson, M.; Foster, P.; Pisani, D. 2015. Horizontal gene flow from Eubacteria to Archaebacteria and what it means for our understanding of eukaryogenesis. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 370: 20140337.

Siu-Ting, K.; Pisani, D.; Creevey, C.; Wilkinson, M. 2015. Concatabominations: Identifying Unstable Taxa in Morphological Phylogenetics using a Heuristic Extension to Safe Taxonomic Reduction. Systematic Biology 64(1):137–143.

Siu-Ting, K.; Gower, D.; Pisani, D.; Kassahun, R.; Gebresenbet, F.; Menegon, M.; Mengistu A.; Saber, S.; de Sa, R.; Wilkinson, M.; Loader, S. 2014. Evolutionary relationships of the Critically Endangered frog Ericabatrachus baleensis Largen, 1991 with notes on incorporating previously unsampled taxa into large-scale phylogenetic analyses. BMC evolutionary biology 14(1):44.

Aguilar, C.;  Catenazzi, A.; Venegas, P.; Siu-Ting, K. 2012. Morphological variation of Telmatobius atahualpai (Anura: Telmatobiidae) with comments on its phylogenetic relationships and synapomorphies for the genus. Phyllomedusa 11(1):37-49.

Aguilar, C.; Gamarra, R.; Ramírez, C.; Suárez, J.; Torres, C.; Siu-Ting, K. 2012. Anfibios andinos y estudios de impacto ambiental en concesiones mineras de Perú. Alytes 29(1-4): 88-102.

Research Funding:

IRC Postdoctoral Fellowship on “A hologenomic approach to determine the molecular adaptations associated with toxin sequestration from diet in Poison Arrow Frog” ELEVATEPD/2014/69, with time at DCU, the University of Leeds and Aberystwyth University.